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Classic Car and Hot Rod Photography

Long Island PhotoGuy creates memorable photographs that will last a lifetime.

Whether you own a GREAT classic car or street cruiser,
Or drive an American muscle machine or high performance import,
You need high quality images by Long Island PhotoGuy.

Every enthusiast needs to enjoy a photo-session that will provide images suitable for framing,
and be competitive when offered for submission to your favorite magazine.

Long Island PhotoGuy creates sensational images that will burn up the road!!
Highlighting the curves that make your engine race,
Focusing on the style that sparks interest.

Complete coverage of interiors, exteriors, and a heartbeat under the hood.
And beautiful models can be provided to add to the eye-catching experience!!!

From New York City to eastern Long Island, and beyond.
For quality coverage, be sure that you contact Long Island PhotoGuy.com

Golf image
Corporate Golf Days

Enjoy the memorable moments of your corporate golf event while our photography service provides complete coverage.


Event Photo HERE Made in the U.S.A.

An American classic that cannot be beat!
Event Photo HERE Totally Restored

Every inch of leather and luster is back to the original manufacturer specs.
Event Photo HERE Road Rocket

A little import with a whole lot of zip!!

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provide as much informaton about the event as possible.

Include the title, date, and location for the event,
and the reason for your request of a password.

Send your email to: password@longislandphotoguy.com

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Whether your occasion is large or small,
we can offer professional photographic services that will provide complete coverage for you and your guests. For information regarding availability for an upcoming date

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