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Communion and Confirmation Photography

Long Island PhotoGuy can provide Communion and Confirmation photography that is professional, unobtrusive and comprehensive.

Whether it's the holy rite of initiation for the entire religious school, or a private ceremony for receiving the Sacrament, these are moments that will resonate for a lifetime through the images of Long Island PhotoGuy.

Communions and Confirmations, Baptisms, Sweet Sixteens, and anniversary celebrations are the right time to ensure reliable imaging services.

Long Island PhotoGuy will customize a package for a satisfying experience.
Albums, webpages, compact disks, and online shopping are available.
And everything will be contoured to accommodate your budget.

Long Island PhotoGuy even offers editing and retouching to ensure that every image makes the perfect statement.

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From New York City to eastern Long Island, and beyond.
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Congratulations! FIRST COMMUNION

Jolie and Chistoper celebrate a milestone in life.
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Event Photo HERE A time for family

The family came from everywhere for this special occasion.
Event Photo HERE The Baby's Baptism

Guests attend a ceremony that anoints the next generation!

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