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Fashion and styles are prominent in today's society because they enable individual expression! Show your best quality with the photographic services of Long Island PhotoGuy.

Evening gowns, casual wear, and business attire that speaks style,
Exotic swimwear and bathing suits that are sure to make you smile.

Long Island PhotoGuy catches models on the runway,
While getting the backstage action too!

When fashions become revealing,
Make sure every outfit is covered.

From New York City to eastern Long Island, and beyond.
For quality coverage, be sure that you contact Long Island PhotoGuy.com

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Corporate Golf Days

Enjoy the memorable moments of your corporate golf event while our photography service provides complete coverage.


CREATED to have SPACE for the COCOBELLE EFFECT Viewing Galleries Coming Soon!!!
See samples of Long Island PhotoGuy images from every category.
Event Photo HERE Fashion Show

Featured runway models and fashion at the FOUR studio.
Event Photo HERE Private Session

An individual photography shoot with this part-time model.
Event Photo HERE Private Session

Have you ever wondered how far you can go on a scooter?

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