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Long Island PhotoGuy conducted some private photo sessions during the Presidents' Day Bash Party.

If you participated in a private photo session, those images are in these galleries.

To maintain your privacy, each gallery requires a password.
All images can be customized to your specifications, or enjoyed as seen within the gallery.

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Golf image
Corporate Golf Days

Enjoy the memorable moments of your corporate golf event while our photography service provides complete coverage.


Event Photo HERE
Sophistication & Fun
Within the conservative jacket is a red hot personality
Event Photo HERE
Bartender Babes

Always a beautiful site to behold
Event Photo HERE
Dancing Queen

A toxic combination of style and substance that's intoxicating!!
Event Photo HERE
STOLI Dancer I
The best billboard for any advertisement
Event Photo HERE
Girls Night Out

High boots for winter weather and a smile to melt your heart
Event Photo HERE
Tight Tummy
Suppose you were offered just three wishes....
Event Photo HERE
Tangled Up

The candle wasn't the only thing giving off heat!
Event Photo HERE
This tall drink will certainly compliment your party
Event Photo HERE
Girl Friends

They were just beginning to get comfortable
Event Photo HERE
Keep Your Pants On
And you thought only firemen wear suspenders
Event Photo HERE
Sexy Smile
Still going strong after a long day at work

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